Unique website consultancy service

A unique website service so why haven't others done it?

If town based search optimisation is so simple then why haven't others done it?  On many occasions the website designer has targeted ONLY the aesthetic appeal of your requirements.  It takes time for Google to get around to reading your sites content.

Google takes one or two months to read your new site.  This increases greatly for a badly written (poisoned) site where Google downgrades the content to almost no visits to read your content and rank it.  So the time taken to rank the site can be longer than the time taken to write the site and for happy you to give payment.  The Google delay, of one/two months, is enough to stop you from appreciating that your site has not been ranked at all and never will be ranked.  Your site may have the wrong set of words or not enough words to make any sense for your potential customers to find you via their Google search.

You may not even realise this because you have not told Google that you are the owner of the site for reporting and analysis.  If you look into the results of your flashy new website design you start to ask yourself -

Where is the business after paying for all of this website design?

By the time you have realised all of this, you have paid the website designer and they are onto another customer.  It really is as simple as that.  Quick fixes, after the event, are not quick when the sites website designer is off and away with your money.  You have to call them back in and pay them again to fix what they should have done in the first place!

Now, if you had started with a strict structure, business aims and measurable performance statistics then even if you had misdirected your target marketplace you can correct it within a month.  Think about this again:

  • your site properly written so that Google ranks it
  • Google also comes back to read it more frequently

The net result is that you can be steering your business prospecting with MUCH more ease and control because we have monitored all the statistics for your site.

With our offering you have our commitment because your site is rented out at a low yearly cost with an exclusive subscription option.  If you were not happy with our service then you would not renew.

When marketing SEO brings in revenue then why give it away?

Those persons who are loyal and have partnered and joined my service can relax but new entrants will need to be vetted.

You can not apply to join but you can be referred or invited.


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