Searching for cleaning companies in Milton Keynes?

Most cleaning companies in Milton Keynes would like to be found upon the web for one simple and easy to understand phrase. A good example is 'Cleaning company Milton Keynes'.

Aiming for 'cleaning company Milton Keynes' also brings with it some problems. SEO focused upon one phrase does not carry any exact delivery or quality message about your services or company. The message simply says cleaning company Milton Keynes. There is a deeper hidden error of judgement when you only aim to obtain this one search phrase.

If you choose to go for a single phrase, as your flagship or brand, then you are setting yourself up for a fall. Easy web traffic can be gained by using a website domain name which matches a target search phrase.  This alone will not bring in the money and riches you are seeking. Take our example phrase 'Cleaning Companies Milton Keynes' says nothing about the company itself. People are either looking for a cleaning company but with no direct purpose. People also want and need to know if they can trust the cleaning company. By trying too hard and simply attaining one search phrase in your SEO you can reduce trust in your brand image. What's worse is that anyone looking for a cleaning company in Milton Keynes will be more likely to be looking to compare prices than actually choose a cleaning company. You need content talking about office and carpet cleaning in Milton Keynes and then a website converts immediate needs to phone calls or contract cleaning arrangements.

In the above example a better approach to address immediate needs of someone searching for a 'cleaning company Milton Keynes' is to address the problem. Carpet stain removal in Milton Keynes or 'contract cleaning prices Milton Keynes' - if you are price competitive. Because the cleaning industry is open to newcomers then a better approach is to message 'established contract cleaners' or contract cleaning service in Milton Keynes. In any business things are assumed to be clean and then they become dirty over time. There is no driving force or event until someone let's you down and does not provide service. A good cleaning service is what every business needs not simply a clean workplace.

A cleaning companies brand image is essential because client business people want to remove their worry about their office cleaning and be free to do what they do best. The cleaning company brand must carry the message of trust and service.

You can also carry brand image too far. If your cleaning company focuses all its effort upon communicating service then it may detach itself from the needs of people who use Google to search for a cleaning service. You must still attach your brand name to your delivery areas such as Milton Keynes, Offices, Carpet Stain Removal, Floor Cleaning and commercial niche words such as contract, budget, reliable and commercial.


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