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If you are still stuck then get a copy of the local Yellow pages and read the words used in your business sector.  Take out the common phrases which are bland ('great service','fantastic deals') and go for the phrases which carry real information: Small and Medium Company Accounts, Payroll, National Insurance taken care of, IR35, Help with Inland Revenue Investigations, Audits, Corporate Accounting etc.


When you have this list of 'trigger words' then ask yourself:

'What do my clients want when they obtain services or products from my business.'

The words will normally flow quite well and they will be focused onto your SEO targeted theme.

If you find yourself reverting to 'Blogs & Son offer the best and most efficient service for the modern business' then, in SEO terms, you have just said exactly nothing.  Pages within sites do not get to be ranked for saying things off-topic or off-theme.

SEO content for the time challenged?

Simply outsource it.  We can get SEO articles written for you and then you only change them afterwards.  We can manage this service for you for a very reasonable cost.

Does the SEO content matter 'on my site'?

Yes, all content matters but if you find that you are locked out from changing your website then the promotional content can simply stand outside of your website and link to it.

This actually works quite well.  An article published outside of your website can attract traffic and, if correctly written, will warm people up prior to clicking on the referral link and landing on your site.

It is one of the better ways of attracting sales converting traffic.

The SEO value on your website still matters but you can manage with off-site promotion.  This gives the value of the link to your site as well as the traffic itself.  If your site were better tuned then the link value is transferred more effectively according to Google relevance between the sites/pages.

In short, all content matters and if you just follow a few guideline SEO tips you can make a big difference to page relevance and your site rankings.

Is there any risk to having promotional SEO content off-site?

If your site ranks due to mainly off-site promotion then any changes on-site have to be gradually implemented else you risk breaking the promotional links between the off-site content and the existing on-site content.  This is why on-site content is so much more valuable in the long run.  Always start with some off-site promotional content but progress quickly into on-site content.


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