Market Position Assessment

Clear and simple offerings

The message has to be clear with an inducement to engage in a further discussion.  What I am suggesting here is a sample set of honest offerings where costs are known so that it allays the fear of being sold something much grander then expected for an unexpectedly high cost.

website design has to be very direct and very fast in the delivery of core facts only.  This is especially true of the home page.  Google also has separate ranking methods for the home page compared to the other pages.

What to do against listing/agent sites?

If your site competes with listing sites then it can be much more difficult to top them.

To obtain the best profit, while also offering the end user the best prices, you have to try and be ranked before these agent listings.  We all know that agents can take a huge commissions from the supply of trades and services so it is important to overcome this problem.  Another strategy comes into play here:

"You must obtain a linked listing upon a business club site(s) and/or also having detail testimonials with town specified locations on you main home page."

We can recommend local business clubs which will list business WWW links for members.  These clubs have additional benefits as well so they are well worth joining.

How do you know if you are suffering from this agent listing problem?

Enter into Google: <Your Trade> Milton Keynes

Where 'Your Trade' is a likely search term, or phrase, used by potential customers.  Then count how many listing sites there are and how many agent companies are ranked at the top.  If there are only two or three then they are fair game for our normal methods of topping them.  Any more than two or three agent listing sites and you need to have a club strategy to overcome them.


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