Predictive Search - Indexed Searching

Is your SEO consultant prepared to measure the performance of all the short to long page one results?

This will lead to a real PPC and organic SEO shake down.  Long tail searches are niches but now, to get to these niches, the user will experience perhaps three or four sets of results.  The costs to enter into the market have just increased for both PPC and organic SEO because you need to target the shorter key phrases as well as the long tail phrases.

Have a giggle...

We added: ‘STOP TYPING – have a [email protected]@K’ to the end of the home page title of this website which ranks well in the top of page one for 'SEO Milton Keynes'.

During the completion of the search phrase you should see my text on the tail end of the displayed results page.

We are not suggesting that you do this – we are just making a point for anyone searching for: SEO Milton <it kicks in here>Keynes.

When indexed by Google you should see my page coming up with a call to action:

SEO Company Milton Keynes

Note: The above results are now out of date - this site is ranking position one for 'SEO Milton Keynes' / 'SEO Milton' - anyone here in need of an internet consultant in Milton Keynes?

Do you call this black, grey, white or just plain marketing SEO?

The distinctions are getting blurred and all that one can say is that your website should be a good refection of yourself and good for business.

What does this means for Google and why do they do this?

Long tail searches for Pay-Per-Click will be of less value so this increases the competition for the main keywords.  Competition equates to bid prices so Google's revenue will increase.  This change is stunningly cleaver as a manoeuvre to increase advertising revenue and your PPC costs.

How far can Google take this, as far as the European Union can cope trying to keep up to date controlling it perhaps?

Frankly, PPC costs will rise when high peak cost searches are created. A rush for local PPC will be forced into local regional niches.  So Google ends up with 200+ peak niches of PPC in place of the one, nice earner.  I'm always impressed by their business acumen.

What can you do to reduce your costs of market entry and acquisition?

There is only one way in which you can achieve an answer to reducing costs.  The answer is to do your keyword research correctly and find short tail niches which attract relevant traffic to your site.  This is what you should have been doing all along but now it is not just important but vital.

There are many ways of obtaining keywords but often you need to operate with partial information from different sources.  The important issue is to judge and assess the keywords and how you handle such keyword and traffic estimate information.  Get it wrong and you rank for low intent keywords get it right and you still have a competitive advantage.  This process of market study can take up more time and energy than you would want but it can not be understated.  If you need creative help then just contact us on 01908 880777.



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