SEO Consultant

  • SEO strategy
  • SEO Targeting
  • Website development
  • Reliable hosting
  • Analytics analysis
  • Continued SEO promotion
  • Assessment of new SEO opportunities

Strategy may require more than simply one website due to: market fragmentation, wide product offerings or simply for split testing reasons.

We apply a range technologies including: PHP, CURL, Databases, Cascading Style Sheets, JavaScript and WordPress. The overall approach is facilitated via a complete system of linked promotional websites with each area based upon a targeted theme across many sites.

SEO consultant in Milton Keynes - What can you expect?

You should not be dealing with an unsubtle person.  They will pick up upon your essential needs and the background to your business.  The overall approach to be taken should take account of measured traffic data.  Such data can be examined for poor visitor acceptance of any page. All of this should be achieved with minimal instruction.

Every customer is different and every industry is different. All our consultants will be UK based because they need to have the very best chance of understanding your business culture.  More importantly, they will need to understand your prospects viewpoint  when they first visit your website.

The consultant will ‘feel the need and talk SEO content to the need’.


We are local to Milton Keynes
so if you need to make a start on SEO in Milton Keynes
you can contact us on

01908 880777