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  • Could you show me examples of some most recent work and disclose some success stories?
    Indeed, visit 'Why Use Us?.' You need to appreciate that we are unable to freely talk about the objectives we achieved for others because 'having good quality plus well structured objectives' is a valuable asset for ones competitors. We expect all parties to agree a NDA to protect both our know-how along with your business objectives.
  • Will you adhere to the Google Webmaster Guidelines?
    YES and we will enable you to pull together and prepare 'relevant and quality content' to help you. The industry is still relatively young and it's going through a bad patch right now. Many shabby outfits exist to outsource to you some 'offshore offerings' that may only be link farm or maybe quick video promos. This is not going to help your business in the long run. If you are tempted try and obtain short term gains and revenue then there are far better approaches - you could possibly should try to find a high quality untapped specialised niche rather than degrade your companies image with link farm promotion.
  • Do you supply any website marketing services or advice to complement your organic search business?
    100% certainly. All progress starts off with proper familiarity with: firstly what you are promoting and then how you can gain business online(s). Internet customers are not really like any normal high street enterprise. Your customer user profile may differ greatly so this should be reflected in the targeting and website look and feel of your internet presence.
  • What sort of improvements do you expect to get, within what time frame?
    How would you measure your success?
    Long term improvements are never instant but, having said that, you can get a YouTube promotion ranking in under two hours. Everthing depends upon what exactly you really want to believe. If you'll need a strong and long lasting result that will end up being an asset in your own website then it takes longer to build. It will take reputable links and good quality properly placed website content. In regards to checking this our page rank monitoring relies on in-house custom built methods. This is because we monitor over a wide selection of client desired goals. We also employ external and impartial monitoring in order to determine the end results - just to be sure.
  • Just how long have you been operating?
    Over 15 years and several years with SEO focusing on Milton Keynes and SEO nationally.
  • How can I expect to get in touch with your company? Will you tell me all the new changes you're making to help my website, and supply detailed information regarding your recommendations along with the reasons behind them?
    100% YES. We strongly recommend SEO training.
    If you prefer, we can easily manage a history log regarding recommended adjustments with our reasoning and your agreement.
  • What's your experience in my market?
    Depends upon the market area you are involved with. Our experience covers an extensive and long track record of contracting in the Accountancy, Financial, Insurance, Library Management, Fluid and Gas Dynamics and a lot of other markets. Generally, the subjects we get involved in are usually financially or mathematically cutting-edge.
  • What's your experience in my country/city?
    Aztec Consultants is based near Milton Keynes with clients in MK area. We also carry on business as a drop shipper and trade on a lot of websites. We will tell you if there is a conflict of interest prior to any engagement. What's your experience developing international sites? We've got internet sites targeting the USA market place and UK as well as all town in the UK and local niche markets.
  • What are your most important SEO approaches?
    Longer term development and promotion of content on-page as well as off-page.

I might also add...

Can your choice of SEO Consultant operate securely?

You do not need your internet site to be banned by Google for malware or have your internet site appear on the 'Malware Domain List'.

If people reprogram your site regarding SEO, you must know that they deliver the results by the strictest standards of anti-virus security and confidentiality.

Commonly purchased Anti-Virus solutions do not provide you with the amount of security you need. Viruses, for instance keyboard loggers, leak out passwords and any SEO planning to change, or gain access to, your website must operate professionally.

Our company is mindful of such factors and operate with precautionary security measures together with holding professional indemnity insurance.

We have now helped many people with an cost-effective SEO entry onto the internet

A lot of website companies would simply make a website as well as leaving you high and dry with a beautiful design. It gets signed off and then they get settled nevertheless , you stand there, a year later, asking whether or not this was all worth the expense!

NO, that is not our way. If you cannot afford the web-design and SEO costs up front, but wish for the internet business now, then you can rent the internet site to you for a small annual fee. This way, if the site does not perform then you will have lost very little and can walk away. This does not happen for the reason that we apply proper and good SEO and the site(s) will probably perform year after year.

You get the cash flow into your business and we have the internet site rental to cover the up front hard work and costs. Your internet site is then managed at page one and usually position one.

Is your thinking old hat - 'wanting one website', why?

We say don't put all your time and effort into one website. Your organisation will likely need much more and each will be geared towards one sector. A core corporate website, which extols your companies virtues, ought to exist although this is actually a niche for the market branding traffic launched outside of the internet. A corporate internet site is an important internet site and will be driven by outdated promotions: business cards and product or service branding. Separate sector niches involve totally different websites to keep to the visitor expectations - 'one size won't fit all' in SEO and matching website visitor goals.



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