How secure should your website be to protect your reputation

How secure should your website be?

Lack of outsourcing top quality control has to be the number one risk. Though you'll be able to put into place a measure of anti virus server defense this rear guard action ignores the first level of defense itself; the environment under which the web server is hosted and by which accessibility is permitted.

I personally favour using NOD32 from ESET for anti-virus defences for personal and server anti-virus defence but lots of subcontractors will be unable to afford even relatively low-cost anti-virus protection. Furthermore, if the folks you engage do not use effectively licensed software then they are at risk of using cracked and virus infected illegal pirate software. Pirate software increases the risk of people introducing their viruses upon your site. If you should choose to outsource to a third party, or they sub-contract, your risks are increased as a result of higher risk of pirate software being employed. It is far better for web developers to use open source software as opposed to cracked software.

If your site is built upon Windows (tm) technology then it will attract a far higher cost of entry for any developer. Your sub-contracted labour, used to create your site, may well be tempted to use cracked software. When using a Windows based os, it goes without saying that the operating system itself needs to be properly licensed to benefit from the security patches it may want. Indeed, the entire stack of processes involved in the configuration of a web server will need their security patches to be deployed. This can include points such as networking, database drivers, application protocols and many more services which run on modern web servers. All of these services and applications will need to be fully licenced and currently supported. This is the principle reason why open source web servers have an advantage with their access to security patches and lower cost of entry for developers. Apache hosting is more robust simply for commercial reasons rather than technical reasons and Google knows this or measures it as a quality factor. Your site server application is sent as a header response to site page requests.

The moral question of software abuse, or overcharging, is not the core concern. What is very doubtful is the safety and integrity of pirate programs being offered over the net and your likely exposure to risk. You have to be sure to only use web developer specialists who know the risks and operate to minimum developer standards to protect their clients or possibly their own employer. I would consider any developer who falls below this standard may be accused of skilled misconduct seriously enough to risk their employment as a Milton Keynes Web Developer.  Play with fire at home, if you have to, but don't bring it into work!


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