SEO Training Requirements

We need to interview your CEO, or appointed marketing manager, to Determine the first desired outcomes expected of the website.  You may have clear objectives, with high profit items to advertise, or you may have high volume items with smaller margins.  Your competitive position can be estimated together with the likelihood of achieving top ranking.

In addition, business is fast moving these days so you may need to have more flexibility in your website design to cope with future changing requirements.  We will partner with your other departments, such as marketing, to discuss the information we obtain which will help fine tune your website(s) so as to  achieve your goals.

Success and popularity of your website is truly our goal because, on the web, reputation is rewarded with a good ranking for us both.

Traffic can be fools gold?

Ranking is important because it drives traffic but you need to attract quality traffic with a high propensity to spend or demand your services.  To have high traffic of the wrong target audience, perhaps outside of your operational continent, is pointless.  We can help narrow down such traffic by better use of keywords at the cost of just playing the numbers game.

Building your target search keywords

This is a very important stage because it determines how people will find your site using search engines.  It is not just that this is FREE traffic for you but this traffic can be a prelude to pay-per-click advertising.  You need this traffic to test the actual site and see if your site is getting results AFTER people visit.  It would be pointless to pay for traffic which just does not like, and leaves, your site.

These words Determine nearly all other aspects of the text placed on your site and even how the site is constructed.

Are you at a loss of where to start with your keywords?

There are some incredibly easy ways in which you can find and use the correct keywords for your business.  We will show you how to get started but just think about this:

People spend large sums of money for Yellow Pages(tm) adverts.
This publishing medium uses the common touch language.
The space for words carry value so these are your industry keywords!

Once you have compiled your target search keywords then almost everything else falls into place via our keyword optimisation.

The selection of keywords should be phrases using multiple words.  It is fairly pointless trying to optimise upon 'mobile phone' or 'phone' because you can not match the content, links and advertising spend of large multi-nationals.  It is far better to home in on specific and achievable portions of traffic in a highly competitive sector.  Having said this many business sectors have not been optimised and apply themselves only against a small number of regional towns where they operate so it may be easy to fish for business in your region.

The keywords used should also match your requirements so it is not just a matter of traffic but quality of such traffic to match with your objectives.


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