Is SEO worth it?

Is SEO Worth It? The SEO Pros-And-Cons. Is SEO DIY A Better Approach?

The pros-and-cons of DIY SEO or professional SEO. Generally speaking, one can not have a sanitised debate over the merits of SEO. It's in the nature of the beast that internet marketing, to capture client contacts, is powerful stuff and peddlers of SEO can become infected by its power.

Is SEO worth it, well a simpler way of asking this is: 'Can you run your business from contacts and business cards alone?' If you can run your business in this way then your website visitors may seek you out simply by using your business network / referrals and Google searching for your business name. Under these circumstances all that you need to do is to protect your trade name on-line.

If the answer to the referral question is that your business requires national, or competitive market entry, then there are quite a few learning curves to gaining full prominence. One of the lessons along the way may be 'a good looking website can also (frequently) be a dead duck.'

Let me tell you a true story. A very good award winning international wedding photographer based in London works with A-list types. He trusted his web developer company and paid top dollar for his website. Then, unknown to him, it gained a few Polish website links hidden under his website built in flash. I can not express to you how damaging this was for his website search engine rankings and his web traffic. This is all now fixed but I can tell you that this fancy looking web design company continues to abuse their clients.

If any business starts on their own then they are on the path to awareness which is a pre-requisite to having faith in your web developer. Step one is: 'They must buy their very own website name and own it by themselves.' In reality, somebody like me is not required to rescue it from any defunct internet site business which will not renew it on the web. However, a prosperous business can neglect to renew its website registration but it is just only an interim problem. What do you do when a website name is the property of the company and the company requires to wind-up? May I would recommend that you simply register domain name in your personalised name and hire them back to the business? Take a look at what the liquidators and bankruptcy practitioners carry out with business domains.

Seek out legal guidance always.

Your web designer requires your faith but a minimal amount of client information and contemplation is required.

It requires time to understand the SEO pros-and-cons to best use the internet however it cost a lot less than being exploited by fraudulent people peddling the web and SEO.

DIY SEO perhaps provides a comprehension of the web and enables you to recognise the right web developer who actually comprehends SEO.


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