SEO Internet Consultant Tips

  • Plan out precisely what you want to achieve with your Search Engine Optimisation.
    • You want to be found for 'A' as well as 'B' however 'C' is nice to have.
    • Should you end up with a list of 20 things then simply something is wrong - unless you employ a big budget and have a sizable site.
  • Do not simply think that traffic equals turnover.
    You have to know, and quantify, the purchase intent regarding the prospect visitor.
  • Market and keyword research is absolutely imperative and will help to make or even break your plan.
  • Please do not enter into bogus site linking campaigns as a quick fix.
    A better option is to offer cross linking with related sites.
  • Steer clear of all 'Snake Oil' SEO offers.
    • Typically the SEO market is awash with people supplying badly outsourced services.
    • Save your valuable money and buy a good SEO book through Amazon - the outcome will be faster.
  • If you are technically based then get yourself a writer to write the actual content material to suit your needs.
  • Never alter your site file names without using proper '301 redirects'.
  • Always use a straightforward and easy to read language.
    Reduce your sentences and do not make them difficult.
  • Be very careful with your on-site grammar and spelling.
  • Always keep a theme in mind or 'write all about what you want to be found for. 'If you want to be found for 'web design Milton Keynes' then write it and write about it!
    Keep your site themes connected and do not be tempted to go off subject.
  • Keep to a SEO target subject within the page: in titles, in main body, in tail of page.
    Keeping relevant is now down to paragraph level due to new Google technology.
  • Enhance what you are saying rather than repeated word stuffing. This improves relevance to the main topic.
  • Imagine having a spiders web of connected themes then connect your paragraphs to pages.



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