Website Traffic Levels?

What website traffic levels will I get?

Do not expect high traffic levels but do expect to measure the quality of such traffic and its profit to you.  The intentions of the website user are more likely to be for a purchase if the town names are used in conjunction with your website designed business phrase.  So quality of traffic matters more than quantity.  Traffic is the wrong measure, we measure quality of business and return on investment for local business in Northampton, Bedford, Milton Keynes and Buckingham.

If you aimed solely for traffic then you would pay great sums for Google AdWords and this would be like using a machine gun pointing in the wrong business direction. We build the website design in stages where profit performance can be measured in less than three months as a smooth progression to targeting local business.

It is surprising what you can achieve with only 100 site visitors per month if most of them come from Milton Keynes and also enter your business service description e. g. Freeview Aerial Northampton.

Performance and traffic measurement

We use the most complete set of analysis tools to monitor the hits, unique visitor counts, visitor geographic regions and numerous performance metrics.  Using this information, it is possible to alter the emphasis of your website design to take account of unforeseen search terms used by your actual customers.  The key to this approach is to focus upon your local profitable prospects and here we are suggesting Milton Keynes, Northampton, Bedford, Buckingham although any town could be targeted.



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